Data Centre Hosting Agreement

How to contact us – For any issues requiring immediate attention – 0161 464 6101 8.2.5 Software, System or Telecommunications provided by Datacentre UK or on behalf of Datacentre UK, viruses are tested and all viruses identified are removed in accordance with industry best practices prior to the delivery or use date of such software, systems or telecommunications by Datacentre UK; and 14.8.1 Datacentre UK is not responsible for whether, in the contract, the unlawful act (including negligence or violation of legal obligations), improper presentation (innocent or negligent), restitution or any other form of loss of profits, business or business losses, or purely economic losses, or indirect or consequential damages, costs, damages, costs or expenses, which are however incurred; and 9.4 Datacentre UK charges the customer according to schedule. 10.2 If one of the parties requests a change in the scope or performance of the services, Datacentre UK must, within a reasonable time, provide the customer with a written estimate of: 17.1 Datacentre UK to the customer under this service contract, if this is prevented, or delayed from fulfilling its obligations under this service contract or to carry out its activities through shares; 17.2, unless Datacentre UK could reasonably avoid such circumstances by indulging in its obligations under paragraph 17.2 or by exercising the due diligence it could reasonably expect from it (including strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes (excluding labor disputes, acts of God, war, unrest, unrest, agitation, compliance with the law or regulations, fire, flood or storm (a case of force majeure), provided that Datacentreplus provides customers with 5 working days for each planned maintenance of the data center more. The service may not be available during maintenance hours. In certain circumstances, maintenance work may need to be done by Datacentreplus or by a third-party provider. Datacentreplus will inform customers as much as possible if emergency maintenance is required. 2.6.2 The defect is due to the customer`s failure to follow Datacentre UK`s oral or written instructions regarding the storage, commissioning, installation, use and maintenance of the device or equipment, or (in the absence) good business practices with respect to them; 14.8.2 Datacentre UK`s overall liability in recent years for the performance or expected execution of this service contract is limited to an amount equal to 110% of the price paid for services in the twelve months prior to the date on which the fee was created; 22.1 Without datacentre UK`s prior written consent, the Customer may not transfer, transfer, debit, contract or otherwise act with any of its rights or obligations under this Service Agreement. 8.1.6 The use of Datacentre UK in the provision of services or other means related to this third-party hardware service contract, including the hardware or software that the customer provides to Datacentre UK for the provision of services or other means related to this service contract, does not infringe the third-party rights of Datacentre UK, including intellectual property rights. The description of the services provided by the computing center is available at: Our standard ALS offers fast response times.