Kent And Medway Data Sharing Agreement

Procedure/Owner of SOP: The Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs) for Essex Police and Kent Police (. – kent) Contact: . The Kent and Medway Information Sharing Agreement (KMISA) offers openness and transparency in the exchange of information. 3.2.1 An Information Exchange Agreement (ISA) is a document accepted by organizations involved in the systematic and routine transmission of personal data (“Partner”) that specifies how the exchange of information will be carried out, that it is legal and that it is carried out with appropriate safeguards to protect the information exchanged. 21.2. Both the RGPD and the Human Rights Act (1998) (HRA) Article 8 clearly show that the handling of personal data must respect the rights and freedoms of the person concerned (the person concerned), while being sufficient for the Council to carry out its tasks effectively. The exchange of information is the key to the government`s objective of providing more effective public services tailored to the needs of individuals. Early intervention and prevention work, protection and promote well-being and public protection are essential. The exchange of information is an essential element in improving outcomes for all. See more information and see which organizations have already signed the 3.7.2 Agreement The results of the DPIA process should indicate whether or how the sharing should take place.

The main objective of the agreement is to provide services in Kent and Medway, with a framework of good practices in governance and the exchange of personal and sensitive data. Information exchange tips for practitioners providing protection services for children, adolescents, parents and caregivers (PDF, 1.2 MB) 3.6 Level 3: First scoping of planned sharing 7.7. If you feel that the family`s needs are below support level 3 or 4 and have already considered sending an early help notification, please contact the Maidstone Early Help team to discuss the support available on 03000 42 23 40 or email 9.8. As soon as an application is made, the police and partner authorities carry out a number of checks. If they show that their partners have a record of abuse or indicate a risk of violence or abuse, the police will consider disclosing this information. 3.1.9 IsAs should not be confused with data processing contracts, also known as data processing agreements, or data protection agreements. These are the documents required by data protection legislation when an organization processes personal data for research purposes on behalf of one organization and under the direction of another .B. 3.1.7 Different approaches apply to these two types of information exchange.

For systematic and systematic sharing, it is necessary to establish information exchange agreements (ISAs) and the rest of this procedure/SOP explains what they are and how they should be established and managed. 3.5.2 In the absence of support, the review sharing initiative should be abandoned or amended. 21.3. The exchange of information is essential for protection and, in many cases, one of the key factors has been the non-collection, disclosure or importance of such information and the application of appropriate measures.