Electronic Trading Partner Agreement

Business Partnership Agreement: an agreement in the form of a contract for the exchange of EDI information in electronic transactions. The trade agreement may include various EDI exchange conditions, such as obligations, responsibilities, commitments. It is used to offer each party additional security in order to avoid disputes, as the terms of the electronic activity have been defined and agreed in TPA. TPA can be a stand-alone agreement or part of a larger agreement between each party. Business partnership agreements shall define in writing, for the specific exchange of data, the individual and joint responsibilities of the participating partners with regard to management, security and other points essential to the effective exchange of information between two or more trading partners on the stock exchange network. The key value of developing ATP is to encourage partners to clarify the appropriate and agreed use, ownership, nature, quality and frequency of data exchanges between and between partners. This process improves the reliability, benefits and security of data exchange through certain exchanges through the EN and contributes to the achievement of the partners` business objectives and obligations. APTs focus primarily on the information exchanged, while other materials, such as flow configuration documents, cover the technical means of exchange. Given that the Parties wish to facilitate transactions, reports and other information exchanged through electronic transmission and receipt of data in agreed formats; In order to ensure that these transactions are not legally invalid or unenforceable due to the use of electronic technologies available for the mutual benefit of the parties, the signature of TPA is a confirmation of the agreed terms. Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) is a confidential document whose disclosure could compromise trade and communication between the parties. The parties should exercise at least the same diligence in safeguarding such PAAs as any other proprietary, internal or contractual document….