Subject Verb Agreement Practice Khan Academy

Education 1) Put your answers in mind to “Correct errors in the subject-verb agreement” with the tutor. 2) Identify and check with the help of the tutor one of the problems of the subject-verb agreement that may still cause you problems. 3) If you have a teaching trial with subject-verb conformity errors, identify the training issues after 17, 2018 · Subject VerbAccord Rewrite for each of the following sentences with the corresponding sentences. 1. Simran is the only student to have passed the exam. 2. The longest of the manifestations (is, are) the next unit. 3. The soldiers and their commander (east, are) go to the border. 4. […] Practical training of the subject-verb agreement. Person (answer, answer) the phone in Caldwell`s house. Nothing seems to please Linda.

It`s a great job! Education Subject-verb agreement is one of the areas that you have certainly studied in your English course. As you have seen, there are many rules for the use of subjects and verbs. Here we will discuss some of them. The first thing you need to know is that the subject of the sentence and the verb of the sentence must match in number. If it bothers you, you`re not alone. Some exercises can go a long way! Health Fill in the following sentences with a verb that agrees with the subject. 1. Tobacco and alcohol ……. harmful to health. If the subject of a sentence is a noun that could be replaced by a noun, you must add “s” at the end of the verb.

2. Our dog, unlike our cats, takes long walks and chews large bones. 3. One of the shells belongs to its mother. 4. The film about drag queens from different parts of Cuba. Teaching materials. Once you`ve completed the four chapters on subject-verb agreement, you may also want to download our beginner, advanced, and advanced worksheets to test your progress or print them out for your students. These professional PDF worksheets are easily accessible for few academic notes. Academic reader. Education May 29, 2018 · Topic Verb Agreement Quiz. The following sentences certainly have one or the other wrong thing with them.

Its role is to rewrite them to respond to the agreement of the subject. In other words, rewrite them in the right way and grammar: the teacher told the girl to write her name. Convention on Primary Education and the Verb Printable Worksheets. From the first year, students begin learning the subject-verb agreement with brief principles. They rely on these skills while they go to primary school and learn to verbalize. Mastering subject-verb concordance is essential for the future success of speech and writing. Education After learning the fundamental basics of subject-verb agreement, read and understand these special rules and after a little exercise, it will be easy to make correct sentences! 1. Approve the verb with its subject, not with the word between high pollution levels that cause damage to the airways The theme is the level, NOT pollution 2. . .